News and Announcements
News and Announcements



The board will  be meeting every month for the remainder of the year.  Our next meeting will be March 10, 2020 at 6:30pm.   Board meetings are open to all attendees for the general session.  You are welcome to attend.     Please contact us at burneyglen@gmail.com if you have any questions..


Upcoming Events


Pool Opening Date 

The Burney Glen pool is closed until Labor Day weekend.  


 Need a Helping Hand?

Ever find yourself overloaded and a big overwhelmed with just one more thing to do?  Or maybe recovering from surgery and need some meals or household help?    

Your neighbors would like to help you!   We have a list of neighbors willing to help you with:

  • shopping
  • babysitting
  • yard work
  • raking leaves/shovelling snow
  • cooking, meals
  • housework
  • vacuuming
  • sewing
  • most anything!

        Contact us at burneyglen@gmail.com and we'll connect you with a helping hand



Burney Glen Residents

We would like to take just a moment to give an update from the Burney Glen Home Owners Association Board of Directors.  Thank you to all the many individuals in Burney Glen who help keep our community clean, safe and running smoothly.  We encourage anyone who is willing to contribute a small amount of time to get involved with any of the committees that the Burney Glen HOA depends on to have a functioning neighborhood.  With many people willing to contribute, the important work of keeping our neighborhood great is easily accomplished.  We hope to make 2020 a year in which our subdivision prospers and continues to be a sought after place to live and raise our families. 

Thank you!  - Burney Glen Board



2020 Neighborhood Events

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See the Events Calendar for all upcoming events