Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch


Creating an environment where people feel safe, both inside and outside of their home, is achieved when the community gets involved. Failure to heed the warning signs that problems are looming can leave the community vulnerable. When the small “problems” become big “problems”, people begin to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Therefore, allowing the “problem” to take control.

Success combating the “problem” requires courage, creativity, patience, and partnerships. Starting a Neighborhood Watch program creates a valuable network of contacts (i.e.: residents in community, Law Enforcement, and other stakeholders), which can help the community overcome the obstacles surrounding them. It also gives Law Enforcement an opportunity to communicate with the people who are most likely to witness crime, feel the impact of crime, call for help, and are motivated to make their life better.


♦ Abandoned vehicles ♦ Vacant houses
♦ Writing graffiti ♦ Vandalism
♦ Littering ♦ Loitering
♦ Underage Smoking & Drinking ♦ Joyriding
♦ Prostitution ♦ Residential break-ins
♦ Robbery from person ♦ Assault (Verbal & Physical)
♦ Aggregated assault ♦ Drug dealing


Solicitors Are Knocking…. Are You Prepared?


As the weather warms we tend to see an increase in solicitor activity, and every year officers respond to calls about suspicious or aggressive door-to-door solicitors.  In some cases, offenders pose as solicitors or delivery people, knocking on doors to determine if anyone is home.  If no one answers, they move to the back of the home (out of sight from the street), and locate an unlocked window or force their way in.  If someone answers the door, they pose as a legitimate company or act as if they have the wrong address.  Door-to-door salespeople can be legitimate as long as they have a solicitor’s license, obey the law, and are transparent about who they represent and what they are selling.  The Boise Police Department wants to remind residents to be cautious when dealing with solicitors, and to be informed about Boise City solicitor regulations.


City Licensing:

All Boise City door-to-door solicitors must be licensed by the City and display their official license when interacting with home owners. Boise City Solicitors Licenses have the individual's name, picture, and the Boise City logo. If a solicitor knocks on your door, ask to see their license. If they do not have one, have them leave your property and call Non-Emergency Dispatch at 377-6790 immediately. Provide a description of the solicitor, direction of travel, and if possible, vehicle description with license plate number so an officer can respond and conduct an investigation. If you feel any licensed solicitor has been rude or aggressive, get their name, their solicitor license number and call the Boise City Clerk's Office at 208-384-3710.

Representatives from non-profit 501c(3) organizations (certain charities), local service groups such as Boy or Girl Scouts, and political groups are not required to have a city license. However, even if a solicitor claims to be a non-profit organization you should still ask for identification to confirm they are an actual representative, and if you feel threatened, call 911 immediately. Solicitors are allowed to engage in their licensed business only between 9:00 a.m. and one hour after sunset unless located in a commercially zoned area.


Crime Prevention Tips:

·        Do not allow or invite solicitors into your home.  They can conduct business on your doorstep -- they do not need to assess your belongings or use the bathroom where most prescription meds are kept.

·        Ask to see a City-issued license to sell – it must be on their person and in plain view.  They must be honest about who they are and what they are trying to sell.

·        Ask for written information about the company.  Let them know that you will be doing research on that company before purchasing any of their products.

·        Be cautious about giving out any personal or financial information without being certain of the product and the seller’s intentions.

·        Report aggressive or suspicious solicitors to law enforcement immediately by calling Police Dispatch at 911.  Provide a description of the solicitor and what direction they were headed.

·        Alert other neighbors in the immediate area.  If you have a Neighborhood Watch, immediately contact your NW Chairperson who can notify the other residents of this activity.

·        To establish a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact cdemirelli@cityofboise.org

·        Consider posting a “No Solicitor” sign on private property.  “No Solicitors” means No Solicitors!


During the Daytime:

·        Keep exterior doors and windows locked, including both bay and side garage doors.  Don’t forget to secure your pet door!

·        Turn off outside lights (not motion sensors). 

·        Make the home look occupied by picking up your newspaper and removing flyers from your front door; consider leaving a radio on while gone. 

·        Keep landscape trimmed to prevent hiding places.

·        Don’t leave spare house keys under a flower pot or doormat – give a spare to a trusted neighbor or friend.


Solicitors operate all year and calls regarding non-licensed solicitors are common. Education will help you, your family and your neighborhood stay safe from crime. For more information, please contact the Office of the City Clerk, Boise Licensing at 972-8150 or visit

http://cityclerk.cityofboise.org/media/223496/13539_0512.pdf to review the Boise City Code on Solicitors.